3 Cords home inspections is your best choice for a home inspector, and that’s because we are laser focused on three area’s of the real estate industry. These three branches of our business compliment and strengthen each other. Our three branches are Home inspections, General Contracting, and Real Estate investing. We understand every aspect of purchasing a home from years of personal experience. When we inspect your future home or investment property we have a much different perspective then your average home inspector. Our Contracting experience helps us give you insights on how much your plans for your future property may cost before you even commit to buying it, and what is even possible. Our real estate investing experience helps us give you valuable information if you’re buying an investment property or ever think you may convert it to an investment property. We are a wealth of knowledge and a valuable resource for anyone buying real estate, whether it’s for personal or business. Hire a home inspector that understands real estate investing, and construction.

Home inspection services we offer include;

  • Pre-purchase Home Inspections (for home buyers)
  • Pre-listing Home Inspection (for home sellers)
  • WETT Inspection
  • Air quality test
  • Sewer Scope
  • New Home Inspection PDI: (Pre-Delivery Inspection)
  • Thermal Imagining
  • Ozone Treatment
  • Condo Inspection

Phone (text or call): 403-896-4969

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Erick Whyte the Fonder of 3 Cords is a former renovation Contractor him self. Contact us for a free estimate. If you have received any home inspection services from us in the past 24 months we unfortunately cannot provide you any renovation services, as it’s considered a conflict of interest by Service Alberta.

Renovation services we offer include;

  • Roofing
  • Interior Remodeling (including kitchen and bath).
  • Project Management (large renovation projects).
  • For all other contracting services we are happy to manage or recommend our preferred vendors.
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We pride ourselves in offering excellent return on investment in the Real Estate market. We are currently looking for small homes with big basement windows and heavy repair or remodeling needs. We are also looking for financial investors who have the funds and or credit to qualify for low income properties. These properties offer relatively low initial investment, high return on investment and high degree of safety for your principal. We use a four step proven system for real estate investing that produces outstanding returns. For more information on our real estate investing program please contact Erick at 780-995-5600.

Looking to invest your registered accounts in real estate?

Our team has real estate deals with high returns come across our desk weekly. If that’s something you’re interested in please give us a call.

Do you know of a property with potential?

If you know of a property we might be interested in purchasing please give us a call.



Call now for a free quote 403-896-4969, we are happy to be part of your project.