3 Cords home inspections is your best choice for a home inspector, and that’s because we are laser focused on three area’s of the real estate industry. These three branches of our business compliment and strengthen each other. Our three branches are Home inspections, General Contracting, and Real Estate investing. We understand every aspect of purchasing a home from years of personal experience. When we inspect your future home or investment property we have a much different perspective then your average home inspector. Our Contracting experience helps us give you insights on how much your plans for your future property may cost before you even commit to buying it, and what is even possible. Our real estate investing experience helps us give you valuable information if you’re buying an investment property or ever think you may convert it to an investment property. We are a wealth of knowledge and a valuable resource for anyone buying real estate, whether it’s for personal or business. Hire a home inspector that understands real estate investing, and construction.


Erick Whyte, 

Owner operator of 3Cords

  • Licensed Home Inspector
  • Renovation Contractor
  • Active Real Estate Investor

Erick Started doing renovations when he was only 15 and hasn’t looked back. He first started with his uncle installing garage doors and doing various renovations. In his early 20’s he tried his hand at many residential construction trades working for various garage door, concrete/foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical, roofing, and general renovation companies. In his late 20’s it was time to settle down and start doing his own general contracting. He continues to develop his skills in all areas of residential construction. Erick bought his first house when he was 24 in 2011. It was a huge undertaking as it was built in 1922 and was in huge disrepair. He eventually flipped this property for a handsome profit and has been investing in real estate on the side ever since. In 2018 after having a bad experience with a Home inspector he decided to get licensed and start doing his own home inspections. Erick has now turned his focus towards home inspections, while still investing in real estate when the opportunity arises.


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